5 Best Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana

For thousands of years, cannabis has been used to heal and treat a variety of ailments. But as more states legalize cannabis for medical use, may cannabis purveyors are coming out with new and more user-friendly ways to consume this natural treatment, Here are five best ways to consume cannabis for better health and wellness.

1. Vape

Vaporized cannabis, infused with all varieties of delicious flavors, is a good way to take it. And if you take it in an e-bong, it’s quite handy and portable. Vaporizers come in all forms and sizes. Just check out the available listings, and choose according to your style preference. The good thing is that the benefits of medical cannabis are felt at much lower temperatures and no high heat or smoke.

2. Edibles

The types of foods you can make with cannabis are limitless. Anything you can make with butter, you can add cannabutter to. From brownies to cookies, gummy bears to crackers, the list of possibilities for cooking with cannabis are endless. Just remember that it takes much longer for the psychoactive effects to take place because your body needs to digest it first.

3. Topicals

Topicals are great for applying to your body without the potential risk of a psychoactive reaction. Lotions and creams infused with medical marijuana can reduce inflammation and bring relief quickly.

4. Brew It

How about taking “high tea” to a whole new level? Stew the stems and leaves of the cannabis plant as you would other herbs. The medicinal and health benefits, such as reducing chronic pain, have been often praised. Plus, it’s a warm and comforting feeling on a day when you are feeling down.

5. Dabbing

Dabbing is done with water pipes and cannabis concentrate. It has a very potent effect when inhaled. Some dabbing stems and contraptions look like art pieces, and many “cannabis connoisseurs” collect them as such.

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