5 Ways Montana’s Medical Marijuana Program is Above Reproach

Montana has experienced its share of obstacles in regards to introducing medical marijuana to its constituents. Since the beginning of medical marijuana in Montana, we of Greener Pastures have learned from and adapted to the ever changing federal regulations, and still surge onward.

The current law that was passed within the last year is a great step towards making sure patients who need access to medical marijuana have a safe and sensible way of acquiring their medicine, and to keep it from being illegally used by anyone else. It also goes above reproach to make sure providers adhere to the federal guidelines provided by the government.

     1. Patients must visit a licensed physician in person if they think a recommendation for cannabis might help their illness. Many other states have relaxed their laws on getting a doctor’s approval, some places even give hgh kur recommendations over the phone. In Montana a licensed doctor must sign and approve a form that is sent into the state health department for review.

     2. Providers are required to undergo yearly, unannounced inspections of their grow operation and store to make sure they are obeying the letter of the law. This ensures that all providers are not growing or manufacturing for a black market operation.

     3. All Providers must test their products through state sanctioned laboratories to make sure they do not contain any added chemicals, or have been infected with mold, fungus, or any other foreign material.

     4. The state tracks every marijuana plant a provider grows from the time of seedling, to full grown plant, to final product. This accountability is imperative in making sure every federal guideline is followed and obeyed.

     5. Photo identification on all licenses issued to cardholders provides a safer way to check and identify the person who is legally allowed to purchase medical marijuana.

Greener Pastures is currently taking on more patients in Montana. If you are looking for a safe, secure, and clean place to pick up your medicine then we invite you to try us out as your provider.

If you would like to learn more about who we are and what our goals are, please give us a call at 406.599.0923