Avoid These 5 Common Cannabis Growing Mistakes

When it product super leeforce comes to plants like cannabis, the fact that they grow like weeds doesn’t mean the are easy to cultivate.  Below we have identified a few mistakes that every novice grower make.

Using Excessive Nutrients

Most marijuana farmers can easily make this mistake at one point because several nutrient brands attach a feeding schedule on their packaging, and most of these programs advocate for the use of high dosages. But you DO NOT want to do this. Overfeeding cannabis plants causes nutrient burn (nute burn). To avoid this mistake, use only a quarter of the recommended dosage on the feeding schedule, and when your plant show signs of deficiency, gradually increase the nutrients to half or more.

Managing pH Poorly

If you’re cultivating cannabis for the first time, you need to remember several formulas, acronyms, and regimens. After hearing some of the jargon such as PPK, PPM, Lucas Formula, and pH among others, most people want to ignore them and just water their plants. Although watering your plants may seem enough, don’t ignore ph. Poor pH results to sickly crops, small buds, and in worst situations dead cannabis plants.

When it comes to your crops, pH determines how much nutrients they can take in. When the pH is right, your cannabis crop absorbs the perfect amount of nutrients.The first thing you need is a pH testing kit and giving your plants enough water in the correct range. In most cases, nutrient deficiencies are often pH problems that cripple the plant from taking certain nutrients.


Most people believe that plants need water and the sun every day. If you are a new grower, you may be tempted to water your plants more often than recommended. Overwatered cannabis plants adopt a droopy posture, and in severe cases, this can kill them. However, overwatered plants can quickly get restored by providing oxygen. What kills the plants isn’t just excess water but deprivation of oxygen.

Not Providing Enough Light

Light is the primary determinant of how close a cannabis plant will get to its optimal bulk and height. Plants need light, and marijuana plants that make large buds require more light. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to buy a strong bulb for your small plants. Most growers start by using CFLs and change as the plants grow.

Poor Climate Control

It doesn’t matter whether you’re gardening outside, inside or in a greenhouse, you should be extra careful about the climate. Humidity and temperature are essential for the healthy development of cannabis plants. Low temperatures cause a stunted growth and can kill the plants, and when the plants are too hot, they can develop heat stress.