Congratulation Montana, I-182 Passes

Congratulations Montana! It was impressive to see the number of Montana constituents who came together to show their support for medical marijuana in Montana. I-182 passed with flying colors and providers around the state are working with Congress and law enforcement on getting their doors opened as soon as possible, providing patients with legal, medicinal grade marijuana.

Greener Pastures is doing the same and making sure the law in Bozeman is followed 100%. We will keep you posted on how the timeline develops and will let you know the minute we get the ‘okay’ to welcome you back to our stores.

We are excited for a new chapter of medical marijuana in Montana, I-182 will allow for safer, easier access for patients and will allow for a more companionable oversight of operations throughout Montana by the government, which we welcome as it will only make us stronger and our products better.

Once again, congratulations Montana! The patients of this great state thank you. Let us make sure we respect the privilege and estosterone enanthate with shipping freedom democracy has given us. Let us proceed with care, compassion, and respect as we work together with state laws to forge a sustainable, Workout routines, training, fitness, weights, bodybuilding exemestane on cycle greece manufacturer producer bodybuilding and gymnastics: equipment and apparatus europages. above reproach pathway into the future.