Emerging State of Cannabis

Regarded by many scientist and physicians as a reliable treatment option for people suffering from a variety of ailments, the stigma of cannabis is dissipating. According to archaeological records, the use of cannabis for medical purposes dates back to approximately 4,000 BC. Listed in the United States Pharmacopeia from 1850 until 1942, cannabis was used to treat for many ailments back to the mid-1800s. According to the U.S. Pharmacopeia’s archived records, medical cannabis was used to treat many ailments including but not limited to rheumatism, nausea, and even labor pains, along with potencia sexualidad pastillas en españa online other ailments.

In more recent years, scientific studies from the Scripps Research Institute have concluded that THC may prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The study reached this conclusion after discovering that THC works as a superior inhibitor to block amyloid plaque -clusters of protein deposits in the brain- that ultimately inhibit memory and cognition.  In addition, the study indicated that THC may improve the symptoms and slow the progression of this disease.

Overall, the quality of life for patients treated with medical cannabis has improved notably above and beyond measure, especially when compared to the results of standard prescribed medications. According to the first phase of a clinical trial funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, scientists claimed, “Antipsychotic medications -which are commonly prescribed to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s patients- are no more effective than a placebo” and “the medication’s tendency to cause intolerable adverse side effects in this vulnerable population outweighed the benefits.”

Currently, only 28 states have legalized medical cannabis. Unfortunately, treatment with medicinal cannabis is not an option in the rest of the USA. The yearning to be healthy is a great motivator for change. Perhaps soon, people will come to know the truth with regard to the incredible benefits of using medical cannabis as a prescription for many acute and chronic illnesses.

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