Forced To Shut Down


Despite the plea for an extension, lawmakers are insisting that dispensaries close their doors starting August 31st, tomorrow. The new law comes into motion at 12:00pm tonight and will effectively shut down all medical marijuana providers in Montana. We would like to thank all of our patients, friends, family and advocates who have supported us through the years. We pledge that we will be back up and running as soon How to design a macronutrient diet for bodybuilding prevent erectile dysfunction total definition in 12 weeks ~ total bodybuilding. as the law of Montana allows us to do so.

If you are unhappy about the shutdown of medical marijuana providers in Montana, we urge you to show your support and vote YES on I-182 in the ballots in November. You can also write to your local and state government officials to express to them the travesty that has been brought upon the legitimate patients who use marijuana as medicine.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. We are bereaved that archaic stereotypes and outdated propaganda demonizing marijuana have so adversely affected the legal medical marijuana patients of Montana. But we have always, and will always, follow the rules of the land and respect the law of this great state in which we live.

Thank you again for all of your support.