What are live resin cannabis concentrates?

Breathing in deeply all of the aromas that a live cannabis plant has to offer can be an incredibly invigorating experience.

Similar to wine tasters who first get a sampling of the scents and nuanced notes before diving in, taking in all of the aromas from a fully blossomed cannabis flower to the Vegan culturism and nutrition: liver and gallbladder cleansing avoid erectile dysfunction the science of bodybuilding. earthier smells of the stalk is arguably half the experience.

Curating that experience for consumers is not always the easiest thing. When you prepare cannabis you often end up cutting away cannabis stalk. That alone can diminish a number of aromas that you get to take in. But live resin cannabis concentrate is slightly different than other concentrates.

How are live resin cannabis concentrates made?

Live resin cannabis concentrates have undergone a high-tech technique that takes fresh cannabis and exposes it to subcritical temperatures.

Subcritical temperatures are applied to your cannabis before and during the extraction process. The process of producing a live resin cannabis concentrate and using subcritical temperatures leaves many of the wonderful smelling constituents of the mature cannabis flower intact.

Cannabis’ trichomes and terpenes left intact

The trichomes in the cannabis flower and the terpenes in the cannabis plant are largely kept intact through the concentration process discussed above.

The reason that many concentration processes (e.g. cured concentrates) can diminish the aroma of your cannabis is that the process itself allows the trichomes in the cannabis flower to lose moisture and even chlorophyll prior to the extraction process even starting.

Too much heat and light and too little oxygen can have similarly devastating effects on your cannabis plants’ terpenes.

Any time that terpenes get damaged or degraded, your cannabis concentrate is going to have less of an aroma. Because a live resin cannabis concentrate is flash frozen after harvest and leading up to extraction, your final product will retain most of its trichome and terpene profile. That’s a very good thing.

Are live resins new?

In short, yes. Live resin cannabis concentrates are a somewhat recent addition to most retailers’ cannabis product lineups.

Cannabis retailers out in Colorado developed a new extraction process using a BHO extractor sometime around 2011. The originators of this new cannabis concentration process found that they could freeze freshly harvested cannabis and retain much of its aroma profile throughout concentration.

Another advantage to creating live resin cannabis concentrates is that the added terpene content of your final product could create a more intense psychoactive effect. Terpenes might also synergistically interact with cannabinoids like THC to create a more enjoyable overall cannabis experience.