Make Your Voice Heard, Register To Vote

register to vote

Calling all eligible voters, if you care about the future of medical marijuana in Montana, then you should register to vote as soon as possible. At the end of August the current medical marijuana program will be effectively cut off. Meaning all those patients who use cannabis as medicine will be forced to illegally buy their goods on the black market.

It is important that we put a stop to the tirade of prohibition against a medicine that has been proven to help the sick and dying. Just recently Democratic Attorney General candidate Larry Jent stated that he thought it was wrong for Tim Fox to not support a delay in enforcing the new restrictive medical marijuana laws that are going into place at the end of August 2016 (this month). The Attorney General candidate went as far as saying that what Tim Fox is doing “defies common sense…”.

Let us make it clear that Montana needs to join the rest of the medical cannabis states in the country that have created laws that allow for safe, regulated, access to medical marijuana. It’s time to take the money out of the drug czars and smugglers who flood the black market with dangerous untested marijuana. Let’s band together and vote to allow for a law abiding citizen of this great state to buy their medicine and have the taxes go towards our schools and infrastructure.

There are a few ways you can register to vote and help Montana get back on track.

Through Mail:

You can print out the Montana voter application from the following link and send it into your county elections office.

In Person

You can walk into your county elections office and fill out the form in person.

Online Directions

You can visit Vote.USA.Gov which will lead you through the steps of how to become a registered voter in the state of Montana.

We are given the opportunity to vote democratically in order to make the will of the people heard and just. Please help out your fellow Montanans and register to vote so we can show the government of this great state that we support a positive change in the world of medical marijuana.

Pledge your vote for those terminally ill patients of Montana that rely on Medical Marijuana to get them through the day. The future is in our hands, let us show our power in numbers.