Medical Marijuana Strains That Stimulate Appetite

Thanksgiving is here and we thought we would spotlight a handful of Montana medical marijuana strains pertinent to this holiday. These strains are especially helpful for those going through chemotherapy or other illnesses that make it tough to eat. The cannabis listed below is known for its ability to assist with the nausea and appetite suppression that some patients have to deal with on a daily basis.

Of all the holidays to be hungry, Thanksgiving has got to be the number one. All of these strains are currently offered in our Bozeman storefront. To learn more about strains that help stimulate appetite visit the leafly page highlighting the many different cannabis medicines available throughout the world.

OG Kush – Kush strains are one of the well-known plants that help with appetite stimulation. OG Kush is a indica dominant strain that originated in California. The effects are strong and should be taken lightly at first to make sure the effects are comfortable.

Blue Dream – Blue Dream is another hybrid cannabis strain that helps fight nausea. It is a high THC strain that has a floral, fruity taste known for its happy cerebral characteristics as well as its ability to bring relaxation to the whole body. Blue Dream is known to have a potent quick symptom relieving effect.

Hash Plant – This woody, spicy strain is a 90% Indica dominant strain. Relaxation and sleep come to mind when thinking about its effects. It has been known to help many different ailments such as being pain, and depression. Its ability to help with encouraging appetite is highlighted in its leafly information. Between the Thanksgiving turkey and this cannabis strain you can be sure that you will be sleep sound.

Blue Widow – This medical marijuana strain is listed on Wikileaf as having appetite stimulation as the number one effect produced by the hybrid plant. Anxiety relief is another characteristic of the plant. The low THC levels make it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a calmer, less intense effect on the mind.

Many take eating on Thanksgiving for granted, however, there are those out there who have trouble feeling hungry and constantly deal with appetite suppression caused from many different factors. If you haven’t heard of the benefits that certain medical marijuana strains have for appetite stimulation then we encourage you to research testimonials of those it has helped.

Of course, you are always welcome to give us a call or swing by one of our stores to learn more about which strains could get you back eating and getting the nutrition your body needs to stay healthy.

For a updated list of strains that are in our storefront in Bozeman please visit the Live Menu page on our website.