Medical Marijuana Substitutes for Prescription Drugs

Medical marijuana is being used to help with many of the same symptoms that prescription drugs are recommended for without as much of the dangerous side effects and toxicity that these lab-based drugs harbor.

From constipation, to liver damage, to hair loss, and migraines, cannabis is becoming a safer alternative to battle many illnesses, avoiding many of the known dangers of corporate manufactured pills.

Xanax – Known for its anti-anxiety properties, Xanax is prescribed to help those who suffer from panic attacks and stress. This drug has many side effects and can be damaging for people suffering from other illnesses such as Glaucoma, seizures, or allergies.

Substitute – Grandaddy Purple, a strong Indica cannabis strain. This Indica will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Most wouldn’t recommend a Sativa based strain due to the cerebral intensity that often compounds the feelings of stress.

Vicodin – Prescribed for pain-control, this behind-the-counter prescription drug helps the body deal with aches and discomforts, but can cause many side effects including liver damage, extreme addiction, dizziness and constipation.

Substitute – ACDC, one of the best known cannabis strains to help manage pain. This strain has both high THC and high CBD amounts and is said to be the best combination to fight pain.

Adderall – Prescribed to help treat ADHD, and Narcolepsy, this drug has the tendency to be overused and can be deadly if overdosed (or mixed with other prescription drugs). Side effects include headaches, sleep problems, vomiting, hair loss, and agitation.

Substitute – Sour Diesel, this strain is a Sativa based, and one of the highest rated cannabis plants to treat ADD and ADHD on

Ambien – Given by doctors to help those who have a hard time sleeping, this medication can assist as a sleep aid but comes with side-effects. One of the most damaging symptoms of Ambien is known as ‘The Ambien Effect’, this is when neurons in the brain are destroyed through the long term use of the drug.

Substitute – Tahoe OG Kush, this strain is a strong hybrid between Indica and Sativa based strains. Known as the ‘Godesend for Insomniacs’, this strain should help you go to sleep without the use of sleeping pills.