Montana Medical Marijuana Political Update


In the latest turmoil over the tumultuous future of medical marijuana in Montana, there are a few updates. The Goetz law firm employed by the Montana Cannabis Information Association (MTCIA), is representing Montana patients and has filed a request to delay the harsh ruling of last month’s effective date until April 2017, time enough for the Montana legislature to hopefully ease the restrictions.

Governor Steve Bullock asserted his agreement with Goetz and the medical marijuana patients of Montana when he said, “I am concerned about the ability of thousands of patients with serious medical conditions to access a treatment that has been approved by their doctors.”

The head of the medical marijuana state licensing department, Roy Kemp, expressed that he believes it would be ‘impossible’ for the state to follow through with the court ruling straightaway. It seems he is wary of implementing such drastic changes when the imminent 2016 ballot proposals will undoubtedly create more disruptions for the way the state will execute changes in its medical marijuana laws. He is asking for, at least, a 120 day implementation period of the recent Montana Supreme Court ruling.

However, Attorney General Tim Fox’s office responded by filing paperwork with the Montana Supreme Court asking that the state and constituents only be given a 49 day implementation period of the new ruling. This would effectively cut off access to, and estrange, tens of thousand of medical marijuana patients.

In addition, there are three ballot initiatives approaching in November that will catalyze more changes for the medical marijuana patients of Montana. We want our audience to remain completely informed and rally behind the initiatives which will provide access to cannabis in Montana.

Greener Pastures is actively supporting a YES vote on both the first and second of these ballot initiatives. Note that constituents are allowed to vote for more than one of the proposed initiatives. The third initiative is a drastic step backwards in eradicating this burgeoning industry and promoting black market dealings and should NOT be voted in.

Initiative 1 – The first initiative would make marijuana legal for anyone over 21. The implementation of this would likely be drawn out for a least a year and would NOT be a fix for our current problem. In addition, our lawmakers would likely alter the framework of this and the implications would be unknown.

Initiative 2 – The second initiative proposes a refined structure for medical marijuana patients similar to our previous structure which ensures they will have proper access to the medicine they need. This would go into effect immediately and save our medical marijuana problem. It also allows for testing labs, something that would further increase the quality and consistency of the medicine.

Initiative 3 – The third initiative will ban all marijuana usage, no matter if you use it medically or recreationally. It will adhere to the federal regulations which currently classify cannabis as a schedule 1 drug, a classification that is defined as ‘having no medicinal purpose’. This would would group marijuana with substances like Heroin and Crack.

There are things YOU can do to help the medical marijuana patients of Montana in this fight against unfair and oppressive rulings.

We recommend that you exercise your right as a voter and email (or write a letter to) your congressmen, and other Montana representatives, politely notifying them that you support realistic access to medical marijuana for those who need it. In order for our elected officials to pragmatically represent the needs and desires of their constituents it is imperative that voters communicate these to them.