Rosin, The Medical Marijuana Concentrate

What is Rosin?

Rosin a an extraction of a sap like substance from the medical cannabis plant. This yellowish clear gue contains the active ingredients from the strain that it is pulled from and if created correctly can have an even better flavor, aroma, and have the same benefits that the strain it was pulled from is known for.

How is Rosin Created?

There are no chemicals or additives that are used to discreet the translucent sap from the plant itself. The method of excreting it involves using heat and pressure in order to withdraw the resin from the cannabis. This rivals other extraction methods that are often instrumented through dangerous labs that use butane, propane, and chemicals as their main way to consolidate the sappy substance.

Rosin is a safe and clean way to collect the liquid which can be used instead of flowers in edibles, vape pens, hash oil and more.

Some of the benefits of Rosin

1. It is 100% free of any sort of solvents (used for dissolving ingredients using chemicals)

2. The extraction method is extremely safe.

3. Rosin can be made to contain exact amounts of THC and Terpenes as the plant it is derived from.

4. The sappy substance can be used in many applications including food, drink, vape oil, topicals and more.

5. Rosin is strain specific, you can be sure the extraction has the qualities you like from any strain on the planet.

We are happy to inform all of our current and future patients that we carry many different varieties of strain specific Rosin in our Greener Pasture shops. We also offer a variety of vape pens that come with pre-filled containers of your favorite medical marijuana plant.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the many uses of Rosin and how they might benefit your prescribed illness. Our goal is to bring our patients chemical free organic solutions to opioids and other addictive prescription pills that carry many side effects and dangers.

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