How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis

There’s no doubt about it: Cannabis can be a controversial subject. However, it can also be an extremely helpful treatment for people suffering from a variety of medical problems. For that reason, people in several states can now get a recommendation for medical marijuana from their doctors. If you feel nervous about talking to your doctor about medical cannabis, it’s completely understandable. Here are some tips for addressing the subject and ensuring you get the prescription that you need.

Address Your Problems and Ask If Cannabis Is the Solution

Discuss your medical history with your doctor, and ask them if they’re aware of any studies where cannabis worked as a treatment for your issues. That way, you can ensure that the prescription you get is appropriate for your symptoms.

Discuss the Nuts and Bolts

If medical marijuana seems like it might be an appropriate treatment for you, ask your doctor about what it might cost you to purchase it. You should also ask if it will interact with current medications, or if there are any activities you should avoid while on it. Before you take marijuana, you should be sure that you know about any potential complications.

Ask for a Specialist Referral

While medical cannabis might be legal, not every doctor in every state is well-versed in its uses and applications. If your doctor is not a specialist in medical marijuana, you may want to get a referral for a marijuana specialist. Doctors who specialize in medical marijuana know what the substance can treat or not treat, as well as the appropriate dosage to prescribe to you.

If you are thinking of asking your doctor about medical marijuana, it’s okay to feel hesitant, since controversy has built up around the subject. However, medical cannabis is completely legal and a helpful way to treat many ailments, and there is nothing wrong or illegal about bringing up the topic with a doctor. Approaching your doctor armed with that knowledge and confidence can ensure that your experience at the doctor’s office is helpful and stress-free.

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