The “Tesla of Cannabis” Is Building a New Grow House

Many people compare Tantalus Labs to Tesla due to its innovative approach to cannabis cultivation. The company is working on a grow house that delivers the benefits of both indoor and outdoor growing. Tantalus Labs may end up bringing their product to market by 2018, and they aim to improve growing speed while creating technologies revolving around environmental stewardship.



The Tantalus Labs Cannabis Cultivation Approach

Tantalus Labs stands out from other companies in this market by moving away from the standard growing environment for marijuana. You typically see long rows of plants under grow lights in a climate-controlled area. They’re getting the attention that they need to thrive, but the electricity requirements are significant. The carbon footprint of these facilities is not environmentally friendly. The primary motivation for indoor facilities used to b stealth, due to the legislation surrounding cultivation. Marijuana legalization efforts remove this reason from the equation, allowing companies like Tantalus Labs to move into new territory.


It’s Time to Take Things Outdoors¬†

Tantalus Labs wants to move away from the stereotypical indoor facility and leverage the advantages that come with outdoor growing. They started their work in 2012 and had experimented with many ways to create better cultivation environments for marijuana.
Natural sunlight and a greenhouse environment result in marijuana that’s greener than the indoor equivalent. The plants also have greater productivity. Tantalus Labs isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. The agriculture industry knows many ways to increase yield, limit disease and handle outdoor growing challenges. The facility addresses common issues, such as bugs and mold, by cycling the air at seven-minute intervals.
Their sustainability practices start off strong by moving away from the burdensome electricity requirements of other growing facilities. Tantalus Labs goes one step further by capturing rainwater. Their facility has a roof that exceeds 100,000 square feet, allowing it to catch significant rainfall. It gets filtered and fertilized before this water feeds the cannabis.
Are you ready to see the future of marijuana cultivation? Tantalus Labs is leading the pack in sustainable and innovative technology.
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