The Do’s and Don’ts of Owning a Montana Medical Marijuana Card


As long as you follow these “do’s and dont’s” and keep up with the current laws pertaining to the legal use of marijuana, you will be just fine.  We do however, strongly encourage you to seek counsel from a lawyer or an officer of the law before attempting any medical marijuana related activity of a legally ambiguous nature.  With such a volatile state v. federal environment in this industry it is best to always be above reproach, so take the time to make sure you are within the legal parameters of Montana state law.


DO – Always carry your Medical Marijuana Card with you when you are away from home.

DON’T – Share your medicine with anyone, even if they are your best friend.

DO – Talk to the local police if you have any questions regarding the legality of your usage.  The police are here to help, as long as you are following the legislation passed by our state government you have nothing to fear from our local law enforcement.

DON’T – Drive a vehicle after using your medication under any circumstances.  It is illegal in Montana to drive under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, or any combination of substances.  ANY level of marijuana in the driver’s system is illegal while operating a vehicle.

DO – Sample different types of edible THC and gauge your body’s reaction in order to find the right match for you.  Whether you eat it, smoke it, vape it, drink it, patch it or take it in pill form, each method differs in its effects and should be carefully administered to ensure proper medication.  

DON’T – Grow your own marijuana if you are assigned to a provider.  Montana law states that you can either have a provider grow for you, or you can grow yourself, but you cannot do both.

DO – Use your medication in the privacy of your own home.

DON’T – Use your medication in any public area or on any federally-owned land such as parks, forests, government offices, or buildings.

DO – Buy your medicine from a licensed provider through their person or storefront only.

DON’T – Buy your medicine from any person or other legal provider if they are not licensed to specifically give YOU medication.  

DO – Talk to your doctor about how to treat your specific symptoms with the use of cannabis.

DON’T – Mix alcohol or prescription drugs with marijuana, lest you increase the chances of an unwanted negative reaction.

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