The Strain Game

Do you ever wonder what level of science goes into the different Montana medical marijuana strains? Fortunately, there is a website devoted to educating its users on the variances between plant strains that make up medical marijuana. The website,, not only shows you the effects a plant will generally have on an individual, but can also inform you of the genetic makeup behind popular strains. The site breaks down each plant into a handful of categories like strain highlights, strain attributes, medicinal benefits, even negative side effects. Moreover, you can find out the strain’s lineage, and the flavor of the plant, like whether it is woodsy, floral, or fruity.

Strain Highlights

This section tells you a little bit about what to expect your first time using the particular cannabis strain, even detailing what usual facets of relief you might experience. You will learn how it tastes, smells, and if it is a hybrid (and most strains are) it will tell you what other plants were part of the strain’s lineage.

Strain Attributes

This is where you can find out what effects the medical marijuana type will generally have on its audience. “Happy, relaxed, hungry, energetic, uplifted, and focused” are all examples of certain attributes used to describe a plant strain. You can also click on the Medical Attribute link to discover more about what benefits the marijuana strain is known to provide. Stress, depression, nausea, and lack of appetite, are examples of medical attributes that particular plant is best at remedying.

Strain Data

This is where the science behind, and lineage of, the strain is located. The significant take-away to note in this section is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) percentage and the Cannabidiol (CBD) percentage. The higher the percentage of THC the stronger psychoactive effect of the plant. The CBD level will show you the amount of cannabidiols there are in the plant, CBD’s are noticeably higher in lower THC strains. Some plants like ‘Charlotte’s Web’ (which is made primarily for children with epileptic seizures) contains a very high level of Cannabidiol and a low level of THC. This allows a patient to receive the therapeutic benefit of the plant without getting ‘high.’ Low levels of THC typically indicate a lower level of psychoactive effect on the body and mind.


This section will give you an idea of the flavors you should expect from the plant. Similar to wine, medical marijuana strains all vary in their smell and taste. This can range from the scent of pine, lemon, chocolate, or even blueberries, the list is endless.

It is important to take initiative and educate yourself on the differences between each medical marijuana strain you take for your illness or for pain relief. Remember that each plant strain contains a different genetic makeup which will affect each person differently. It is imperative to research the percentages of THC and CBD in the medicine that you utilize so that you can find other strains that will medically benefit you on a similar level. Knowledge is power, and through the help of we are able to discover what makes up each Montana medical marijuana strain and how we can use it medicinally at its best.