Pain From A Montana Skiing Injury?

The wild Montana skies have morphed yet again, but this time in tune with the seasonal change, leaving behind the vibrant Indian summer sunsets to dance with the winter flurries. Revealing clouds abundant with snow, ready to turn the state into a winter wonderland. One of the main ways to get outside and stay fit in the cold season is to head up to the mountains and enjoy some of the amazing ski slopes that can only be found in Montana.

Unfortunately, playing in the mountains has its risks; according to the American College of Sports Medicine individuals skiing or snowboarding will commonly suffer from banged heads, dislocated shoulders, broken wrists, and mangled knees. In fact, each year in the United States around half a million people incur such ski-related injuries (ACSM’s Health and Fitness Journal). It happens so easily; you take that wrong turn and end up doing a yard sale on the slopes, or worse yet, you slip and knock up against a tree (always wear a helmet).

These injuries leave active people exactly where they don’t want to be: hurt and having to spend their winters inside and miserable with pain. Instead of reaching automatically for more prescription painkillers such as oxycodone, or another jolt of morphine, we encourage you to try Montana medical marijuana as a way to mitigate your symptoms and begin healing so you can get back out on the mountain again.

Here are some of the top rated strains that we carry at Greener Pastures that are specifically designated for helping ameliorate pain.

Hash Plant

Hash Plant is a 90% Indica dominate strain that has a full body effect that also helps manage pain and depression. It is known to help treat anxiety and for its ability to create a relaxing high that works to relieve muscle tension and allow you to rest more easily.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a hybrid strain that has both a sativa and indica lineage. The plant is ranked as one of the top medications to treat stress and depression. It has also been known to assist with pain and migraines. OG Kush has an euphoric effect on the body which helps alleviate those ‘down in the dump’ days.

Agent Orange

Agent Orange is a balanced indica sativa hybrid that has a fruity citrus smell. It is a strain that has been known to help with depression and pain. This plant will lift up your spirits with its sativa side and assist with pain through its indica side.

Whatever plant you choose, remember that medical marijuana strains create different effects for each individual. If one medicine isn’t working for you, we highly encourage you to call us and tell us why you didn’t favor that specific medicine and we will help you find another strain that will better suit your needs.