Finding the Right Strain for You

Understanding the differences between marijuana strains is paramount to getting the most effective medication for one’s ailment due to the unique affects the strains have on individuals.  Everyone has their own distinctive reaction to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) so it is important to make sure you are finding the right balance of these for what you need.  Since everyone is affected differently, it is best to experiment.  In this article we will discuss the differences between Indica and Sativa strains in terms of their healing applications to help you make a more educated decision in your quest to find the right medical cannabis strain.

indicavssativaAppreciating the basic differences of the two species of cannabis, Sativa and Indica, is imperative in comprehending the most responsible medical utilization.  One of the most important details to focus on when trying a new strain is the percentage of THC in the plant.  If this is your first time sampling cannabis medicinally, it is highly recommended that you look for cannabis with a low degree of THC.  We suggest this so that the patient can experience
the benefits they seek without clouding their encounter because of a strong psychoactive effect.

In general, Sativa strains contain medium to high THC levels and lower CBD levels.  Moreover, Sativas comparatively contain lower CBD levels than Indica strains.  This leads to more of a cerebral high, because the stronger THC percentage consequently leads to a stronger psychoactive effect, and is considered to have a less noticeable tranqualizing effect within the body as a whole.  Sativa strains are known for treating depression, migraine headaches and appetite stimulation.

Indica strains typically generate more of a full “body-high” that medicinally targets chronic pain and muscle atrophies such as tremors.  It is categorized as a sedative and therefore has a more calming and sleep-inducing effect.  It also helps with treating anxiety,
and insomnia.  Indica plants usually have similar levels of THC as Sativas, but in general contain a higher level of cannabinoids.

Most modern day cannabis strains are a hybrid of the two species of marijuana, and can rest anywhere on the spectrum in between these extremes.  A hybrid plant allows for broader medical applications due to the overlap of traits that occur, and can be bred for, in the genetics of the plant’s lineage.  Hybrids also give the patient the ability to distinguish between each beneficial trait and seek a custom-like blend that prescribes to specific individual symptoms.  For instance, one could benefit greatly from mitigating the sedative effect of Indica by trying a Sativa-dominant hybrid.  On the other hand, one could go the complete opposite route and try a Indica-dominant hybrid to, perhaps, experience a body relaxing effect without the sleep-inducing characteristic.  The only sure way to discover which hybrid strains suit you the best is to try a few different kinds and decide which is most effective for you as an individual.

smallcollectionHere at Greener Pastures in Bozeman, Montana, we maintain a wide collection of cannabis strains.  Our in-house customer service representatives are both knowledgeable and professional in their ability to educate and help show you which plants are a good starting point in your journey to find the right strain that will most effectively medicate your individual symptoms.  Greener Pastures is here to guide you through every part of the cannabis medication process; starting with helping you find the right Montana doctor to recommend your medication, to the introduction of our strains, and eventually in taking the medication in a safe, appropriate, and responsible manner.