Tetrahydrocannainoilic Acid (THCa)

There is a substance within live particles of medical marijuana trichomes (fine outgrowths or appendages on plants) called Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa). THCa transitions and becomes THC when a medical marijuana plant reaches maturity and embarks upon its curing process after harvest. One of the main reasons for curing cannabis plants is to turn the THCa into THC which gives patients a more cerebral high. THCa, in its pure form, actually contains no psychoactive properties because of its acidic state. It is for this reason that scientists are excited about the multitude of potential opportunities within the medical field that THCa could bring.

The full medical benefits of THCa are still being researched. However, it has been shown to exhibit similar natural medicative properties of THC such as its anti-inflammatory properties along with its ability to ease pain, help with sleep and many other therapeutical benefits.

Some studies sildigra have shown that it is possible to keep THCa in its natural state without it breaking down into THC. Conversely, there seem to be other studies that deduct that the compound is extremely fragile and would break down into THC within weeks. Through time and continued research we can hopefully unlock the secrets of THCa and learn more about its properties and specifically its healing abilities.

Current known potential benefits of THCa

Pain Reliever
Helps Reduce Nausea and Vomiting
Eases Symptoms of Insomnia
Slows Cancerous Cell Growth
Muscle Spasm Relief
Slows and Heals Damage to the Brain and Nervous System

CBG – Cannabigerol

Cannabigerol (CBG) is known to block out the psychoactive properties of THC while still supporting the medical properties of the plant that help patients. CBG has been shown in studies to help grow and develop brain cells in a process known as “neurogenesis.” CBG can actually alter itself into different cannabinoid structures that can treat different symptoms. Some scientists say that CBG can help treat tumors as well as harboring strong antibacterial properties.

Some patients suffering from seizures have found that CBG is more beneficial than CBD for their bodies.

Because medical marijuana is so heavily regulated by state and (mainly) federal laws, it has been a slow and grueling process trying to cut through the red tape in allowing scientists to research and study the plant in laboratories, and therefore, at this time it is difficult to understand just how powerful CBG is.

Currently Known Potential Benefits of CBG

Pain Reliever
Bone Stimulant – promotes strong healthy bones
Inhibits cancer cell growth
Helps reduce seizures and convulsions
Helps with insomnia
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Dravet Syndrome

Basically, if you are a patient trying to use medical marijuana to treat symptoms that this plant has proven to help others with, but do not want the ‘high’ that comes from the entire plant, you have the option to utilize the CBG and THCa rich tinctures. Each patient is unique in the way they respond to medical cannabis so it is important that more research be done to allow the public to understand their options and utilize medical marijuana in a way that will benefit them the most.