The Cannabis Solution to Chronic Pain Management

In America alone, a staggering 100 million people suffer from chronic pain, costing over $600 billion a year in medical expenses. With nearly one-third of the country suffering from life-long pain, it’s clear that the public is in need of better alternatives.

Chronic pain is often the most debilitating symptom in a number of conditions, running the gamut from migraines to fibromyalgia and can be resistant to medical treatments.

However, definitive research has proven cannabis to be highly effective in curbing the chronic pain that plagues so many people. As it turns out, part of the solution has been with us all along. Cells in our central nervous system have surface receptors that bind with cannabinoids present in marijuana to decrease sensitivity to pain.

Some strains of cannabis are better suited than others when it comes to chronic pain management. Our experts at Greener Pastures are ready to find the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain Management:

Afghan Kush

Hailing all the way from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, this strain is known for its sedative side effects. Apart from pain management, Afghan Kush aids with sleep, stress relief, and deep relaxation.

Very Berry

This sativa strain earns the name Very Berry from its smell and fruity aftertaste, which lingers pleasantly on the tongue. Perfect for any patient who wishes to maintain an active state of mind and body while combating chronic pain.

Blueberry Silvertip

This hybrid is a Montana native, originating in Big Sky Country when a Montana Silvertip and Blueberry plant were crossed. Get lost in deep relaxation and long-lasting euphoria with this unique blend.


Floral and spicy, this plant was formed from strains originating all over the globe. Lavender is perfect for unwinding (but not so heavy as to induce couchlock), and is a common favorite for both anxiety and pain relief.

CBD Options for Chronic Pain Management:

While some patients at Greener Pastures don’t mind products with high levels of THC, there are many people interested in natural medicine without psychoactive effects. For these users, Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, provides a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that still carries medicinal benefits. It’s a great solution for patients looking for relief from inflammation, anxiety, and pain without inducing the “stoned” feeling that many people associate with cannabis. CBD is available at Greener Pastures in many forms.